Saturday, November 17, 2007

More Projects!

So, once I finished up the legwarmers for Grand Daughter, I realized I had to make some Christmas presents for her new teachers! Although I know they are going to tell us we can't give gifts (unlike the last school which constantly asked us to provide gift cards on a regular basis for the teachers) We'll find a way to gift them!

I chose the Sideways Bobble Hat for at least one of them. I was going to make both of them from this pattern, but.... it calls for six panels and I think it's too small. Now I have another color of the same yarn (the recycled sweater) to put the odd panel in, so this one will work out okay. But I don't have enough of the contrasting third color to use it as one of the two many colors to make two identical yet different hats. So may resort to another pattern for the second hat. I'm looking at The Republic.

The rest of my holiday knitting is not on the same time schedule as the stuff I keep moving to the top of the list. None of them have to be done till right before Christmas.... Let's see, I still have pair of kids slippers (45% done), finish up the Mary Janes (55% done), and the Hoodie Scarf (55% done). It's just a matter of sitting done and finishing them. The only problem is I just keep wanting to start new projects!!!!!

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