Friday, November 16, 2007

Beginning Knitting

Brooke's Scarf

First of all I want to brag on my grand daughter. She's been working on her knitting every day. Lately she's convinced she can knit and watch TV or carry on a conversation at the same time, so she's fallen into the same trap lots of beginning knitters do and is adding lots of sts.... but hey, she's knitting!
Legwarmers 3

My own knitting was limited to the legwarmers, which are almost done. I should be able to finish those up today and get back to the fulled Mary Janes.

Grand Daughter was accepted at the new school and begins on Monday. Whew! As Youngest Daughter's work schedule has changed it means I'll be the one transporting, but, that's okay. It gets me up and moving earlier in the day.

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