Thursday, November 15, 2007

Little Knitting....

I spent the morning transporting.... Second Son had jury duty. It's such a pain to drive downtown and generally we give each other rides and pick ups when someone has jury duty.

So I had to get him downtown the same time I had to have my granddaughter at her new school for a visit. Laid back school, GD was a little late and it all worked out okay.

GD goes back for another visit today, by herself, and then hopefully she'll start school there within a few days. If not, homeschooling till the first of the year.

I like the school. It's a small K-6 Montessori school two of my grandsons go to. GD will be in the combined K1 class with the youngest of the grandsons.

The knitting I did get done was on the legwarmers for aforementioned granddaughter. Here's hoping today is a bit calmer.

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