Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I had fun...

I got some knitting done on legwarmers I CO in the morning. They're for my grand daughter's birthday in early December. Using Lion Brand MicroSpun, with the idea I may have to add elastic to help them stay up.

I got all that knitting done while sitting at the doctor's office with F while we waited for him to have some lab work done. Then we went out for lunch. Took him home and stopped at the LYS too look around. Decided to splurge on some 40 inch #2 needles and try the magic loop method for a pair of socks.

And I decided to start my Elizabeth Zimmerman collection. I picked up The Opinionated Knitter. When I got home, Youngest Son asked me to take him to the local used book store. I grabbed a coupe of books I wanted to trade in and off we went. While he was off looking at stuff, I went to the knitting books. Guess what I found? Knitting Without Tears! Another EZ book for half price. It's paperback but in good shape. And I think an older edtion than the one that's listed in Ravelry and on the Schoolhouse Press site. Mine has a red cover, not the white and lavendar one. That's okay.... the older the better sometimes!

Anyway, I managed to double my EZ collection within a couple hours! Spent the evening working on the Hoodie Scarf...didn't accomplish much...almost as much frogging as knitting. I really should learn to pay attention to the knitting at least as much as I do the TV!

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