Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I finished knitting the Booties last night and fulled. Just after I started the fulling process, it occurred to me I used white yarn and we all know that sometimes white yarn won't full. I was really apprehensive for a bit, but after two full cycles through the wash, they came out pretty good.

I'm especially happy about the edging on the top... If F can slip them on without any problems, I'm going to crochet through the top loops. One could also use this technique to add a cuff to, say, fulled mittens or slippers that don't reach as high as these do. Just make sure you use a stabilizing (non feltable) yarn that is similar in weight to the yarn you're knitting with, cotton or acrylic being, of course, your best choices.

I got a few rounds done on the Mary Jane. That'll only take me a few hours to do once I can sit down and work on it.

Have errands to run and laundry to do today. Might take the Hoodie Scarf along for the down times...


  1. ooohhh... I LIKE that idea, AND the pattern. I want it. I can think of several folks who would enjoy some winter booties.

  2. What a cool border for fulled slippers! I love the way it looks.

  3. love the booties and the idea... I think I'll put that in my pattern folder, is it OK if I use your picture and idea as well?


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