Monday, November 12, 2007


I got some knitting done! This is the first of the two Fulled Adult Booties done. F asked for some fulled slippers that covered more of the foot and ankle than the Fiber Trends Clogs do. This was the pattern I found. The colored yarn at the top is a couple rows of acrylic yarn. After I full the slippers, I'll cut that out and there will be holes at the top of the slipper. If I feel there needs to be a cuff added I have the holes there to either crochet a round of single crochet, or a round of blanket st to use for picking up sts in order to do the cuff.

And that's about all I got done. We've all been fighting colds and coughs here. I've found that the generic DayQuil capsules along with a Sudafed really make living much easier. And I can tell the minute it wears off...the coughing comes back big time.... No other symptoms...just a tiny amount of congestion and the coughing.... Blech!

I've been spending far too much time at Ravelry. I really like the feature that allows you to peek at other people's projects. You can see who is making the same thing you are, what yarns they've used and adjustments made. And you can just browse through patterns, FOs, WIPs, etc. Such inspiration!

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