Sunday, November 11, 2007

More Cheap Stash

I frogged another sweater. A cotton one. I got 501 gms of a nice sport weight 100 % cotton yarn. Which is 17.6722 ounces. Just a bit over a pound. Have no idea what I'll sued it for, but something will come along some day!

And here's some yarn I got for like $4.
Yarn 4
Yarn 3
Yarn 2
Yarn 1

The MicroSpun is such bright colors. That alone made this bag of yarn a gonga!
The Sierra is a sock yarn that I can use for something or toes and heels on a pair of socks. Baby socks, too, for the more conservative baby... The Magnifique is a wool rayon blend that I have no idea what to do with. And the sparkly stuff is that nasty scratch stuff you find in a lot of holiday knits used as accents. I thought it might look good combined with some wool for a fulled bag.... Have to experiment with it.

And again, there was no knitting in this house yesterday. The partially done fulled Mary Jane lies on the floor weeping. And the scarf calls to me from upstairs. The other two Good Will sweaters will just have to wait until I need another couple days free from knitting, but not free from fiber!

I also bought a couple plastic place mats to make sock blockers out of. Once I have created a blocker pattern that reflects the measurements of my foot then I'll explore making them out of a thin wood. I really like the idea of having sock blockers to try my socks on as I'm knitting them! Much more graceful than my human foot struggling past the DPNs!

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