Sunday, November 18, 2007

Extra Knitting Done

Okay, the last hat is done. I'm not so happy about it. It's the Republic Hat, and the pattern is incorrect! There was no Knit Even row between the rows of decreases and there really needs to be. So, eventually, I'll have to take it apart and frog down to the last row of even stitching and re-do the decreases. I checked the pattern twice and there are no even rounds. And it knits big in case you ever want to make it.

On the up side, it provided me with the instructions on how to add a flap to something knit in the round. When I was making the Felted Adult Booties, I wondered how one would create a flap to tighten around the ankle. F is very sensitive to cold drafts and wondered if the top of those would be too open. At first I thought it was how these socks are constructed, but it's not as these have the tops knit with the garter stitch going from knee to ankle, while the garter stitch on the Republic goes around with the flap on the side. Small difference in construction, except with the second one there is no binding off and then picking up sts--it's all one piece.

Short Row Hat 2

Here's a pic of the finished Sideways Bobble Hat. The flowers are there to cover up the wrong side of the brim turn up. Because I changed colors for every section, there was the dotted line.... So I crocheted flowers to be sewn on and cover up the line. This pattern, too, was off. I had to add an extra panel in order for it to fit my average size head. Hope the recipient doesn't have a big head!


And I finished up a pair of gauntlets that have been taking up space in my room for, like, forever. They'll go into the teacher box of gifts. The school doesn't like us to gift the teachers and so my way of working around that is to provide a gift for all the adults on staff. The first year my grandson was there, we made little tubes of cloth, filled with rice and they were to be used as book weights so one could read and not have to hold the book open. Now I need to find out how many staff members there are and get crackin'!

I'll leave you with this photo taken by indychick_uk at LegoLand Windsor. She has a blog entry about it on Wendy's Woolies.

LegoLand Knitter

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