Monday, November 19, 2007

Quick Idea...

I was trying to figure out a quick gift for the staff at Grand Daughter's school. We were gifted with a bunch of coffee mugs that we don't need. So I thought cozies for them along with a tea bag or cocoa mix might be nice.

They do make up quickly. These I've been knitting as a strip that almost fits around the cup and is almost the height of the cup. Then joined and knit in the round decreasing at least four sts every round. It works. I use the tail to stitch across the top of the handle and it fits nicely around and under the cup.

My question now is, "Is this just one of those clever but useless gifts?"

Would you ever use acozy on your tea, coffee, or cocoa cup

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  1. my thought... they are cute, but having to get it onto a cup that already has a handle would probably put most people off, since (in theory) the handle keeps the hands from touching the hot part of the cup. If you want to give the cups, you might think toward a knitted/felted "mug rug" (coaster) maybe with each recipient's name or initials on it. This is also a 'cutesy' gift, but would probably be used a lot more since it is more practical. And anything personalized with initials is likely to be kept longer. :-)


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