Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I'm really surprised so many people would use cup cozies! I got five replies on my other blog ( identical to this one) which were a resounding "Yes!" How very funny.... Guess that puts you and I, Ray, into the minority! :)

I got tired of making stuff I was supposed to, and made something else I am supposed to make. (My logic lacks, even on good days!) Eldest Grandson asked for a pair of mittens. So I started a pair of mittens. Simple, Red Heart yarn
Mitten 1
which is plenty warm for here. I used The Needlenook's pattern..very simple with a thumb gusset. I thought about doing EZ's thumb trick but decided to just add the gusset. They aren't hard to do, just require a bit more counting than the thumb trick. Just got the tip of the thumb to do on this one and can start the mate.

Eldest Granddaughter's first day of school in the new school went very well. The teacher had nothing but great things to say about her and knowing Ann, if there was less than great things to say, she'd say them.

I spent much of my day in the car. Thirty minutes to and from the school (and I forgot her admission paperwork so it was "to school, home, to school again and home again". Two hours later I gave F's husband, B, a ride to the airport. He's going home for Thanksgiving. First holiday since his dad died, so the kids all decided to go home and see Mom. Then a couple hours later, to school, the library, and home again. But, I did get knitting time in between, so it wasn't a totally fiber free day!

Today is laundry. And I have several knitting nests throughout the house I really need to clean up!

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a sock knitting friend, I've found it. Ray, at Knitivity is offering gift certificates for custom dyed sock yarn, at no extra cost! If your recipient doesn't find a colorway that appeals, a custom one can be dyed up! I may leave this hint laying around for my family!

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