Monday, November 26, 2007

Finally Finished Knitting....

...the Mary Janes! I'll full them today or tomorrow. Once dry and I can cut them up to make the Mary Jane style. One more present almost done.

And I made up a pair of muffatees for my Youngest Daughter. The ones I'd made her last year somehow got ruined. The yarn got cut and it had a big hole and, well, I'm not skilled enough to repair it without having any of the yarn laying around. Anyway, I salvaged one of them to be part of a pair of mittens for someone and made these new ones to replace them.

I didn't work on 2nd Son's work socks at all yesterday, waiting till Youngest Son could try them on just to make sure it is not too big around. I dread the though of having to frog it....

Grandsons were over for a sleep over from Saturday to Sunday. Eldest Granddaughter was invited for a sleep over from Sunday to Monday. They all go to the same school, so it worked out well.

Don't know what knitting is in store today. Youngest Son won't get out of bed till noon, so if I don't find something to do this morning I'll have to resort to housework!

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