Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mary Janes are one step further

I got the Mary Jane's fulled, but YD hasn't tried them on to see if they fit yet. Once they are fulled to the proper size, cutting will commence. Disregard the last statement. YD tried them on and doesn't want them cut into Mary Jane shapes. She can't decided, though, if they are the right size. Looks too big to me, but who am I to know????

I finished up one of the last four mittens I need to knit. This one is for a set for Middle Grandson. Then I must make a set for the little girl that belongs to the family my Eldest Daughter and her two sons (Eldest and Middle Grandson) live with. She's the same age as Middle Grandson.
Mittens Green

In the middle of all this, I cleaned the kitchen. Okay, not the whole kitchen, but a lot of the kitchen. Swept and washed floors, cleaned up the box of yarn in the corner (in my defense, my yarn is stored in a big trunk on which there is a lot of stuff, including the five gallon water dispenser), and cleaned the stove top. Youngest Son and I got out the Christmas dishes, washed and put them away for our use until the first of the year.

In order to tear myself away from the fun stuff (knitting, not cleaning house) I set the timer for 30 minutes. I'd knit for awhile then clean for awhile. What I have to do to trick myself into do the work.....

Now you ask, what inspired this work? The guy was coming over to turn the heater on finally. I found out that they don't just turn the heaters on, one has to request it. They turn the swamp coolers on without prompting, but not the heaters. What sense does that make?

Should I ever think I'm a fast knitter... She made this sweater in 7 days. I'd die of boredom in 7 days. I'm "doomed" to small projects forever!

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