Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Mittens

I finished up the green mittens yesterday. I like they way they ended up
Mittens Green 2

looking. And I started the last (I hope) pair. They are made from MicroSpun. The colors are so bright! They are for a little girl (friend of my grandsons) and look like they'll work out perfect for her.

And there was more housework yesterday. I "forced" Youngest Daughter and Son into helping clean are rearrange the living room. It looks a whole lot better than it did! The six, okay five, months of dust has been eliminated (and has started to re-accumulate already). We created more room by stacking the two end units of the entertainment center. TV was put an an angle which ends the "furniture lined up around the walls" look in one corner. My desk got moved closer to the TV which is nice and YS gave me a small clip lamp for my desk so I'm no longer knitting and computing in the dark!

My keyboard fits on top of the printer when not in use which leaves space for knitting stuff. The TV is to my right about 4 feet so I can swivel in my chair, prop my feet up and watch TV while I knit in my chair! Love it! Once I get my upstairs knitting nook all cleaned up, I'll let you see that, too!

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