Friday, November 30, 2007

Mittens Done!

They are all finished! I wove the final ends in last night! Today when I drop Eldest Granddaughter off at school, I'll wait around and give the other three kids their mittens, too!
Fire Mittens 3

The Fire Mittens turned out really nice. For all the bad talk MicroSpun gets, it sure makes a nice finished product! These mittens are so soft!

In the never ending saga of my car and all it's little broken parts, the inside driver's door handle snapped off yesterday. Went to pull it to open the car and it snapped right off. I was stuck in the car at the Post Office. Well, that's not too bad, so I grab the phone as I'm pulling out and find out that our service had been terminated. Youngest Daughter forgot to pay the bill.... So, now I'm stuck in my car with no phone...oh, and Youngest Granddaughter is in the back seat.

I get home. I'm sitting in front of my house, stuck in my car, with my Youngest Son asleep upstairs and no way to wake him up. After a couple failed attempts, I manage to crawl over the center console into the passenger seat, open the door and get out.

Eventually the phone bill got paid and I called my Honey Do, F. We spent about five hours driving to different import car shops to no avail. No one had or could get a door handle. F took the door off the car, tried to fix the lock so we could get the lock linkage out of the way so the window could be opened again. No luck. So, eventually we fashioned a loop of wire out of a coat hanger that loops around the quarter inch bend in the handle mechanism. I can now use it open the door. Hey, at least it wasn't baling wire!

However the car still runs's just on it's way to be held together will bubble gum and band aids.

I need to get back to 2nd Sons replacement socks. I had knitted the foot too long so need to frog about an inch of that and start the toe. That sock should be finished today and well on the way to the second one by this time tomorrow.

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  1. Hey Lizzie, sorry you got stuck like that! These things always seem to happen all at once. Your mittens look great! I still need to stuff Meital's octopus and finish Avi's socks, but things are looking a bit better...


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