Saturday, December 1, 2007

Socks are gettin' there....

I didn't do much at all except knit on these socks yesterday. And for whatever reason, it was difficult. I had the toe stitches on a piece of yarn. When I put them back on the needles and distributed them for the toe, I did it wrong and had knit about half the toe before I realized it. Frog and start again. Then I finished the sock okay.

CO for the next sock. Miscounted the sts so CO again. Finally got going on that. But for whatever reason I was in a backwards time warp and just couldn't make a lot of progress. I know it's because I got hooked on watching the first season of Dr. Who on Netflix. (2005 Series with Christopher Eccelston as the Doctor.) I started watching it cuz my DVR accidentally recorded an episode for me. It referrenced Torchwood one of my new favorite BBC SciFi shows. So, I had to finally give in and investigate Dr. Who. These are really good and I may have to find what's out there on CD and watch the far past episodes, too.

So anyway, the time travel in Dr. Who is why I couldn't make good progress on the sock. It's my story and and I'm sticking to it.

Oh, and I started reading the second book in the Dexter series. I got hooked on the Showtime series, watched all the of the first season and am keeping current on the persent season. Dexter is America's Favorite Serial Killer. Yeah, I know, it sounds bad, but...ya just gotta love the guy. The Showtime series is based on the books by Jeff Lindsay. The first one was okay, but I got caught up in the second one and because there was nothing good on TV (read: knitting time), I sat and read about half of Dearly Devoted Dexter. It's really good. There are a group of us on Ravelry that discuss the shows and the books. It's so hard to choose between a good book and knitting which is why I listen to as many on CD as I can.

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