Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Slippers Almost Conquered!

Remember all those felted slippers I made for the Grands for Christmas? Well, I just couldn't finish the last pair...Big Block! (I really hate working with huge needles (anything over size 10).

Night before last I frogged the one that was nearing finish and CO another one made a bit differently. That one is about 80% done and the second one almost 50% done. I was running out of the yarn, so weighed the left over yarn, and the almost finished one and they weighed the same. So I put the first on hold, started the second. They'll just have different colored toes!

Now I'm procrastinating on finishing up the Work Socks for 2nd Son. :::heavy sigh::: Again, there is only a good day's knitting left on them, so I know I'll finish them before Christmas Eve, but....they do hang over me. And not "by the chimney with care" either!

People a couple of doors over are supposed to give us a dryer today. Which means the laundry room has to be cleaned out to make room for it. Which means there may not be much knitting happening today. Being the eternal skeptic, I'll believe we're getting it once it's installed. If we do get it, it'll be the best Christmas present I could ask for. Hauling wet laundry out to the car and off to the laundromat is such a pain....

Youngest Daughter's alternator went out. It's only a year old, and if she can find the receipt, we can trade it in for a free new one. :::Fingers crossed:::

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