Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Busy Tuesday!

My skepticism was uncalled for. The dryer did arrive and it works! Imagine that! This is the first dryer in years. Except for the solar one I had for awhile. Which was okay, unless it rained.... I digress. It's here, it works, and I've got the laundry almost caught up! I'll go back to doing smaller loads more often now instead of huge loads once a week.
Fulled Slippers 5 Dec

Great progress on the last pair (I hope) of fulled slippers for Christmas. These are for the Eldest Grandson and look like they'll fit once I full them.

I even worked a little on the 2nd Work Sock for 2nd Son. If I keep on track, I'll have 99% of my Christmas knitting finished this week.

Most of yesterday was filled with cleaning out the laundry room to accommodate aforementioned dryer. Lots of stuff went into storage, the small freezer was moved out of the laundry room and things were moved and cleaned under. Once the dryer arrived, we realized we had to disconnect the washer and move it out of the laundry room, put the dryer in, connect it all up, then move the washer back in, and hook it up again. But it was all worth it to have the dryer!

One of the found items was my hoard of crayons. I love Crayola Crayons. I rarely (read never) use them, but I keep buying them. Anyway, I gave Youngest Granddaughter some of them and a pile of scrap envelopes (Eldest Granddaughter spent a day of licking and sealing them all!) She was in heaven!


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