Sunday, November 25, 2007

Star Heel

Got a lot of work done on 2nd Son's sock yesterday. It's on hold now till Youngest Son tries it on for length. I think I overdid the length. Not thinking I kept measuring the foot from the waste yarn for the afterthought heel instead of taking the heel into consideration, too. So I just quit adding length and knit the heel in. I used a start heel which is just like the decreases generally used in making hats. With this one I had 54 sts, so I divided by 6, got 9. My decrease pattern was K7, K2 tog around. Knit one row even. K6 K2tog around, one row even, etc. I think it made a nice heel, that I'm sure will lay nice once washed and blocked!

Today I'll CO the other one and try to get as much done.

Youngest Daughter said, yesterday morning, "I know what we are giving B for Christmas!" (B is her girlfriend.) "We?" I said. "Well, yeah....B likes goofy house socks with bright colors. And you like to make socks with bright colors, so I thought you could knit her a pair of socks for me to give her for Christmas!"

::::heavy sigh::::

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