Thursday, November 8, 2007

Back to Normal....

Back to Normal.... magnify
Well, it's Thursday and I finally feel like I've recovered from my vacation. Monday was eaten up by five loads of laundry and grocery shopping. Tuesday was house cleaning and vegetative state. Wednesday was a doctor appointment. So, today's Thursday and I hope nothing more exciting that a dropped stitch or two.
ninety eight

This is really just about the most recent pic of my current Mickey Mouse sock. I have turned the heel and am doing heel decreases, but.... These are on hold now because of holiday knitting that must be done.

Mary Jane 2

This is my current progress on the Felted Mary Janes. I frogged the one I had been working on and with the new correct size 10 needles I bought prior to vacation, CO back on and have gotten about 2/3 of the way done on the first one. These are top priority today.

And I CO a new project based on this Hoodie Scarf pattern. I did about two inches of the pattern and determined it wasn't wide enough for the person I'm giving it to. So frogged that and decided, due to time contraints to make it much simpler. This is just a K3, P1 row pattern with an I-Cord edging.
It's made from a strand of acrylic and a strand of recyled sweater.

Row 1, 2, and 3: Knit to last three sts. Bring yarn forward and slip, as if to purl, the last three sts.
Row 4:
Purl to last three sts, slip as if to purl, the last three sts.
Repeat 4 rows.

Hoodie Scarf 2

If you are interested in viewing them, our vacation pics are here or here. Same pics, just uploaded to two different locations.

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