Monday, November 5, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack....

We made it back, safe and sound. We had a great vacation!

Disneyland was pretty much empty for the first three days. We walked on just about every ride (except Finding Nemo). The longest wait we had, I think, was 30 minutes on one ride. Everything else, was 5 to 15 minutes. We never used out Fast Pass for anything until Saturday. It got crowded then, but still wasn't bad.

Friday, we were first in line at one of the opening gates! That's a first for us. As was all the rides "we" broke. We had to walk off of Splash Mountain and Pinocchio. We had great seats for all the shows we went was just a great trip!

Sunday morning we had a great breakfast with Minnie and her friends. It was Youngest Daughter's 26th birthday, so we splurged and had a nice sit down breakfast with lots of the characters.

I'll have more pictures when I finish getting them off the camera.

I managed to get one sock done to the heel decreases. We never had to stand in line, so my knitting time was really compromised. Most of my knitting time was in the ride over and back. We were off to the park first thing in the morning and came home late at night. And too tired to do much knitting at the hotel.

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