Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday morning ketchup

My internet was down all day yesterday. Seems the booster burned out. However, the cable guy appeared at dinner time, replaced it, and all is working perfectly again.

So, I watched movies yesterday. HP and Transformers. And knitted. I finished up the toe on second foot print, opened up and began the leg. These are going to be so totally warm! Two strands of sock yarn except the toes and heels which is sport weight sock yarn. And lots of fun to make...just doin' whatever come to mind!

Youngest of the two returning grandsons came over to play yesterday. They had a great time playing with friends outside while I knitted. The boys start school today at a public elementary school near their home. Next year the two of them and my eldest granddaughter will move to another campus of the Montessori school. They will be one grade apart, so see each other daily but not too much of each other. Perfect scenario. Youngest granddaughter has one more year of special ed for her speech delay and then we'll see.

Other good news in the family. Son and DIL called the other night to tell me they are coming home for Christmas! It'll be the first time in years all my kids and grandkids have been in the same place. I am so very excited! It was going to be another surprise for me...them just showing up and knocking at the door. But fortunately, the cat got let out the bag so we can prepare for the visit. One surprise of returning kids "out of nowhere" is enough for a year.

However, my year of selfish knitting is a bit embarrassing now. Choosing to just knit what I wanted to and not making sure the gifts got done had put me in a position of panic. Perhaps everyone will get a coupon to make a wish with for some knitted item.... We'll see. Money is short everywhere so I'm sure all will understand. I was asked to make a hat for TN grandson, and I've picked an Earflap Hat for him using the generator. Hmmm wouldn't these be nice for everyone to open first thing Christmas morning?

I had lost a bunch of my medication due to an unfortunate lack of judgment, but managed to convince the VA pharmacy it was really important to authorize an early refill of the scrip. They did and my meds arrived Saturday. Whew! Now I'm back on track and have learned yet one more valuable lesson. Funny how we keep learning no matter how many years have passed.

Time to get ready for my day. Off to coffee this morning with my knitting pals, life is just too good!

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  1. How exciting that all your family will be all together for Christmas. Enjoy each other's company and forget the stress of gift giving. I've not knitted one thing for gifting this year...nothing! I figure I've done more than enough in the past.


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