Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Despite the hanging on of this cold, laryngitis, and cotton brain, I'm feeling very good today. I look forward to a quite weekend with my granddaughters while their mom, unfortunately, is working from 9 am to 9 pm both days. I'll use my energy this morning to get the house picked up, do laundry and figure out a crockpot dinner (I bought split peas yesterday!) and then relax and knit the rest of the day. Hoping my knitting buddy will swing by for ice tea today, but she doesn't drive and it all depends on her hubby's plans for the day. Dozed and knit yesterday. I'm making a pair of Dobby Socks for myself. Using up this and that balls of sock yarn. This pair is a stash buster as I'm using sport weight sock yarn or two strands of regular sock yarn. They will be nice and toasty for my morning walks once the temperature goes down a bit more. Dobby Socks are fun. When the knitting gets boring, it's time to change colors, throw in a bit of texture or a stitch pattern. I've been using a variation of Cat Bordhi's Houdini socks and info she shares in Personal Footprints. However, instead of starting at the toe, these are started at the heel.

Dark Chocolate: Findings showed “chocolate therapy” lowered high hormone levels. So experts suggest stressed out workers would benefit long-term from daily consumption of chocolate. They recommend 40 grams a day. A whole candy bar, nice! Researchers believe flavanols in chocolate, which help prevent artery inflammation, are also responsible for the reduction in mental stress. --everydiet That would be five of the Hershey miniatures at 230 calories. That is just about a half a meal's worth of my calories. YMMV. Maybe after I loose another 20-30 lbs and am on "maintenance" I can afford that many calories. Right now, eating that would raise my stress levels!

Overeating and Dieting linked to Drug Addiction
In my experience it's reversible, too. Once one gets "addicted" to healthy eating, the desire for junk foods and empty calories disappears. Of course having a "death sentence" of diabetes hanging over one's head like the sword of Damocles helps!


  1. I love those colorful socks! I'm presently knitting the very first pair of worsted weight socks I've ever made. I started out with sock yarn from the beginning. These are going so FAST! I'm making some tv-watching socks for my daughter and daughter-in-law for a basket Christmas present with goodies and a movie.

  2. Great idea to use leftover bits of yarn. This way you know your socks will definitely be unique and no one will be able to duplicate them. I love the lime green in the sock.

  3. Lizzie, I love the colors in these socks.. I have not been knitting longer enough to create a "stash" of yarn, BUT I am working on it..



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