Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just a quick post

While teaching my new knitting buddy how to knit in the round, I also started a hat for my grandson. After about four hours, what I had envisioned and what was happening were not even close. Frogging ensued. CO again, and am liking the ear flap hat much more now. Pics after next installment.

Feeling much better today. Can almost measure the improvement each day. Will add some exercise back into my routine today as well as my walk. The coffee and knitting with my BFF, DL. Had way too much fun chatting and knitting with knitting bud, C, yesterday. We have a lot in common, only 6 years apart in age and having lived through the same history. It's funny when a hole is created in your life all the wonderful things that rush in to fill it: My Eldest daughter and grandsons returning from Hawaii, a new knitting coffee addict buddy who thinks I should get hooked on Espresso. I'm sleeping better than I have in weeks and weeks.

Felt like a real knitter yesterday, all bundled up for the 50 degree heat with hand knit socks, hat, handwarmers, and scarf. Toasty!


  1. Glad you are feeling better each day!!! My co-worker returned from Phoenix yesterday and said how cold it was...well, she was much colder when she arrived in Vermont.

  2. 50 degrees F and you are cold? Almost forgot how that is since it's been 32 years since I lived in Southern California. Around here we are having a heat wave: yep 50 degrees F. Renate


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