Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hats, mittens and more to come

Starting my Holiday Knitting at the last minute (which is unusual for me), here is the hat for my Tennessee grandson. Knitting bud, C, needed to learn how to knit in the round, so we both started hats on Monday. I'm ready to start the decreases on this one. Then I-cord will be added to the flaps. Socks and scarf for Tennessee family have been started, too.

Got the wish list from my newly transplanted grandsons last night. Mittens...the flip top kind, for waiting for the bus in the mornings.

Youngest Daughter picked up an additional 32 permanent hours, so she's up to 42 hours a week again. Whew! Just in time to avert disaster! Eldest Daughter is pursuing educational leads and getting ducks all lined up for spring semester registration. Everyone is moving forward.

I'm sleeping much, much, much better again. DL pointed out that a lot of stress left my life in October and perhaps that was the explanation. I'd have to agree. Weird thing about stress. I didn't even know it was there till it was gone. Another weird thing is that stress can disguise itself as "good times." I thought the changes in my life since late August were all good. Turns out I'd fallen into the same snare that high school presented. Trying to fit in with the popular crowd, even though their beliefs, actions, attitudes and habits were not at all what I was. So, don't be too hard on your kids if they succumb to peer pressure. Even us "old" folks still do it.

Met knitting bud, DL, for coffee, knitting, and errands yesterday. We had to go out to the DMV to register her vehicle. Whoa! It was empty. Seriously empty. She "signed in" and they called her number in less than 4 seconds. When she asked the clerk why so few customers, his answer, a very common one these days, "The economy." It's getting harder for everyone.Off for my walk, coffee and knitting with my buds this morning! Next hat lesson for C! Tomorrow my BFF and I head out to my doctor appointment to reassess my progress and medications.

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