Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hat Done!

Finished up my TN grandson's Christmas hat yesterday while sippin' coffee and knitting with my friends, C, DL, and F. We kept our corner of the place hoppin' and productive and all the sudden it was 1:00 pm! C worked on her hat, DL worked on a beautiful pair of lace socks, and F continued working on his afghan, bound and determined it will be on his bed keeping him warm this winter!

I started looking at mitten patterns or actually flip top mitten techniques to fulfill the requests from my grandsons. I think the easiest will be to pick up sts across the knuckles of a handwarmer and knit the mitten top in the round. Anyone else got any ideas?

I'm almost finished with my DIL's scarf. Probably two more evenings of knitting and that Christmas present will be ready to wash, block and wrap. Been working on my son's socks on the bus and for most of my "out of the house" knitting. I guess I've got about two move inches before the toe decreases and then the legs to finish. Of course he likes tall socks so that could take forever! Fortunately I don't have to have them done by Thanksgiving to ship out in time for Christmas as they will be HERE for Christmas!!!! Yeah!

Been having a difficult time walking in the morning. I thought it was cuz I was still sick and spiking a fever in the mornings....but to be perfectly honest, after much thought, I think I was over dressed! Wanting to be bundled up for the wait at the bus stop influenced too many layers of warmth that made me uncomfortable once my natural body heat elevated from walking. So, today, I'll opt for a little chill at the bus stop and see if I can pick up my walking again.

The bus schedule changed without tell me! Seriously, can you imagine? ;) So we need to leave a bit earlier in the mornings now so I don't feel so rushed getting to my coffee dates and my knitting. Today is a quiet coffee day. Just DL and I. F is "grounded" cuz his hubby is going out to play to day, and C is preparing for a wedding she's attending on Saturday.

Lots of your friends want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.


  1. Love the hat. I have the perfect pattern for you. I'll e-mail you separately.

  2. That's a great hat. I was toying around w/a similar type hat for a baby & I didn't like the way the flaps were working out so I've frogged it several times.

    Luvsknitting at gmail dot com


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