Sunday, May 17, 2009

WIP is now FO

I started this blanket way back in January 2007 when I was on one of my brainless knitting searches. It was lots of fun until one row on a side took half an hour. So I decided yesterday to finish it off. It's big enough, 44 x 44 inches, heavy and warm. Fortunately I'd woven in most of the ends as I went along, so once the binding off was done, it was just a matter of a few loose ends and it was done! There is instructions for Log Cabin Blanket in the first Mason-Dixon book, and one on the internet. Once the technique is learned, possibilities are, of course, endless. This scrap-ghan is a good use of left over partial skeins.


  1. Beautiful blanket! Those garter stitched blankies have the best texture and weight.
    Congrats on another FO!

  2. I love the way garter stitch drapes as well. That is a wonderful log cabin.

  3. Nice job! Someone will really enjoy the blanket!

  4. Congratulations! You did it, and it's beautiful!


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