Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mittnz #4

Finished up, finally, the fourth pair of the nine pair challenge of Mittnz 09. Nine pairs of mittnz by September to be mailed to the Cheyenne River Reservation, Eagle Butte, SD.
The pattern is a generic mitten pattern, CO 36 sts, increasing to 40 after ribbing, with an afterthought thumb or EZ'a thumb trick. Size 5 needles, Lion Brand Jiffy, colorway El Paso. I did a series of purl rounds every 6th round to create the lines on the back of the mitten. Palms are smooth.They are nice and thick and feel warm.

I made another crocheted brain scrubbie. That makes five and I'll take them as hostess gifts for my DIL and women in her family. Should start on some toddler socks for grandson.... In March 08 I used a 32 st CO....wonder how many sts this year!

It's been 100 or near 100 degrees for several days now. Monica, in Canada has snow. I'm just thinking the weather is really different than when I was a kid....

5/16/09: Your Weekly Address from White House on Vimeo.

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  1. Nice mittz! Is a brain scrubbie like a regular scrubbie? Can you post a pic?


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