Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crochet and My First 100 Days

Chris sent me some half-hexies to finish off the blanket. I'm determined to get it all out, sit down and begin to get these connected to the blanket today.Some of my crochet mojo has returned. I was looking for a hostess gift to take with me on my trip to TN to visit Third Son, DIL and Youngest Grandson in a couple weeks. I found this neatpattern Hyperbolic Pseudosphere Scrubbie on and thought it was just unique enough to make the grade. It couldn't be simpler, doesn't take long to do and really is kind of fascinating. I think one made out of acrylic would make great cat and dog toys, too.
I have reached the first 100 days of my new life style. I started exercising on the Wii Fit 100 days ago on February 2nd. I haven't missed a day of exercise and diet awareness.

On January 21st I weighed 247 lb.s On Feburary 2nd I weighed 243.2. Today I weighed in at 213.4. I have gone down about 2.5 sizes in clothes. The new clothes I bought a few weeks ago are starting to get looser. My watch needs a link removed, my rings fit again, and I can run up the stairs to my room. In January I had to pull myself up the stairs, and couldn't carry more than a bottle of water. Now I can carry full loads of laundry up and down. I have had a good 100 days.


  1. Fantastic for you and the healthier lifestyle. Oh I am delighted for you. Really. We love you any way at all, but healthiest is best!

  2. Nice scrubbies! I'm busy trying to make gifts for the two women who are helping care for my mom.


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