Sunday, May 10, 2009


I have had startitis...and have been giving in to it. So I have lots of projtects OTN:This is a the first one of a pair of hand warmers for Mittnz 09. It is almost tall enough, so I'll be able to add a little ribbing and then BO soon. This has been my KIP project, going to the movies, a concert and to the doctors' offices. It's just simple st pattern necessary.
This is another pair of handwarmers. Using up odd balls of yarn. They almost match! They are Mariella's Sideways Wristerz.
This is the first one of a pair of mittens... I'm just about to start the top decreases. It has an afterthought thumb, so I'll probably do a star top on it. Just a plain mitten specific directions involved.
This is the first of my Diagon Alley Rainbow socks made from Crystal Palace's Mini Mochi. I'm just about ready to start the toe decreases. They will be a star toe, just like the afterthough heel ala Dawn Brocco. Although they don't look as good on sock blockers, they fit like a dream. I'm still in love with the colors of the yarn and am willing to put up with the splitty yarn!
And speaking of startitis...I want to try this blanket out. It's the Ten Row Blanket by Frankie Brown. Apparently this Oddball Sampler Afghan is the same pattern. I don't know, if I do start this, whether I'll finish it or not. I'm more interested in learning the technique involved.

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  1. What is that first yarn, Lizzie? It's very pretty. Is it the same yarn that you once made a pair of socks out of?


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