Friday, May 29, 2009

I was looking for something relatively brainless to work on on the plane. I've reached a point on my Kimono Sweater that requires attention..."do this and at the same time do this". I was going to work on socks, but the TSA regulations state that metal needles may be considered a weapon and bamboo is suggested, as well as circular needles should be 32" or less. I tried using some of my BFF's bamboo needles for the socks, but the cable is a tube and slightly bigger than the needles so the sts don't slide nicely at all. So, those projects got packed in my suitcase, and I decided to CO the Warm Woolies Cardigan. It's just a basic garter stitch sweater and will go to charity more than likely. I'll have several partial skeins of yarn with me so I can change colors as I need/want to. And, if I should finish it during the travel time, it'll be easy enough to CO another one! As usual, I consider the pattern to be a suggestion. I'm using WW Red Heart and size 7 needles. The endless rows of garter stitch are rather soothing as the stress of this week continues.

Nothing major. Spent the last four days house sitting for my BFF. Left there yesterday at noon and the regular programming resumed. Take daughter to work, sit down for an hour, pick up granddaughter from school, sit down for an hour. Clean up kitchen so dinner can be made. Help youngest son fix dinner, clean up, etc. Start packing to leave tomorrow morning for TN. Grab clothes and randomly pick skeins of yarn for knitting.... I have a couple pair of socks I want to make for grandson, find out what kind of socks son needs...ww or sock weight (crossing my fingers for ww!). Stuffing in skeins of yarn is no big deal. There's always room for more yarn!

Walmart is the only local "LYS". The real LYS is about 45 minutes away in another town. (Interestingly enough, I still have it on speed dial from the last time I was there!)

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Every wonder why you shouldn't drink soda? Seriously folks, soda is a treat not a basic food group.

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  1. Safe travels. Gee, I didn't know about the needles. That throws things in a tizzie regarding my carryon project. Backup plan will do.


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