Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Wild Blue Yonder....

Heading off for TN today! Found out yesterday that the frickin' airlines now charge for each checked in bag! (No, I don't get out much, why do you ask?) So Youngest Son and I packed and repacked. Two people, two weeks in one suitcase. YS thought all he'd have to carry on board was his 6 x 4 inch DS game system. HA! Now we both have carry-ons as well as the biggest purse I could find. And yes, I did give up a change of clothes just to bring yarn with!

While reading a blog, I just realized I could probably find fresh rhubarb in TN this time of year. Here in the desert, we don't have fresh rhubarb, and the shipped in stuff is expensive. So it's been years since I've had rhubarb pie or rhubarb crisp. Yes, I do feel my diet slipping away already. :::sigh::: Oh, BTW, as of yesterday morning, I've lost over 40 lbs. Rhubarb, get thee behind me!

I did manage to finally sit down and knit for about an hour yesterday evening. I'm starting the sleeves on my garter stitch sweater. Like an EZ project, this sweater has a bizarre construction. The first panel knit is the bottom of the sweater. Then the tabs are the fronts and back. Then they are knit together again to create the collar. Now I'm picking up and knitting sts along the openings for the sleeves. I've still not be able to visualize how the sleeves will be sewn up, but, I learned to trust the pattern from EZ's Baby Surprise, so.... I'm taking this sweater on the plane with me. If I should finish it in the five hours of travel, I'll have enough yarn to start another one, or something else.....


  1. LOL....I'd consider going naked to bring more yarn on the, not a pretty site!

    I used to make strawberry-rhubard cheesecake. Enjoy a little, return to the diet when you get back. Rhubard is very plentiful here and in season at the moment.

  2. Finally found opinions.. Love this blog, trying to read and look at everything...Socks are my passion..


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