Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hexie Blanket Finished

I spent most of yesterday adding the half hexies and the border to the blanket. Whew! It's done.

Close up of the Biscuit Edging (With back side facing, sc in next st, 2 triple crochets in next st. Repeat.)Half Hexies attached.Finished Blanket
Finished Blanket
Before Borders added.
Many thanks to all the members of Native American Support that sent hexies, half hexies, yarn, and encouragement! I have lots more hexies, so I'll be starting the next blanket after I return from vacation.

This blanket will be shipped to the Cheyenne River Reservation at Eagle Butte, SD in the fall.


  1. WOW! That sure turned out beautiful and I just love the way you combined all the different motifs. And that border is spectacular!

  2. Oh that is a magnificent hexie and cause. WOW. Lizzie you are very much a talent.

  3. I missed this post somehow. The blanket is absolutely gorgeous...so very gorgeous.


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