Monday, March 16, 2009

Energy Awareness in Germany.

Now that I've started successfully loosing weight (19 lbs) I'm looking at sweater patterns in a new way. I may just knit myself one afterall. Estimates say if I continue to loose weight as I am, next spring I'll be down to what I was 40 years ago. But then there is gravity... anyway.... I am looking at sweater patterns anew. Like Ode to Joy from the Rainey Sisters.

I CO these Fancy Pants yesterday. I changed to these Longies when I thought that 15 inches from waist to crotch was a little long for a newborn. I like the eight inch measurement on these much better. I'm using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for them and really like how they are coming along. Pics soon.

Scared myself.... I'd been weighing in every day since I started this new life. Generally I'd loose weight, sometimes just ounces and sometimes I'd gain a bit. But overall, it was going downhill. Then Friday and Saturday I gained pounds each day. Couldn't figure out what was going so wrong. Then I realized, on Thursday, I bought 2 pound wrist weights for resistance. I was wearing the stupid things when I weighed in.... Whew!!!!! Did I feel better once I fixed that!


  1. I love the pattern from the Rainey sisters also. It's simple but classy. Can't wait to see what you select for yarn.


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