Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby Pants

Got quite a bit done on the first pair of baby pants. Since this was taken, I've added a bit more white and then switched back to blue after two rows of st st. The legs will fold nice for a cuff. As baby grows, cuff can be turned down and the st st fold line hardly shows. The white is Crystal Palace Bamboozle (55% Bamboo, 24% Cotton and 21% Elastic Nylon. I'm thinking this would make good summer socks for about $20-$26 a pair depending on how long you like the leg to be. Cascade Fixation is a bit less expensive and is almost 100% cotton with some elastic.

Well, aren't I smart! Panda Cotton, the exact same yarn sold in larger hanks is Crystal Palace's cotton sock yarn! The Bamboozle runs around $6.60 a skein and the Panda Cotton runs about the same at $6.90 a skein for about twice as much yarn. So a pair of socks from Panda Cotton would cost $14.00 for exactly the same yarn. Crystal Palace is even smarter than I am, tho, marketing the same yarn for 7 cents a yard in one package and 4 cents a yard in another.

I dug an "old" (around 12 years old) shirt out of my closet yesterday. I hadn't gotten rid of it cuz it's a nice Disney shirt, but it didn't fit anymore. Guess what? Not only did it fit, it hung a little on me. That inspired me to get a few more "old" (same age) pieces out. I have jeans again. And a several "new" shirts. And a dress and a couple of skirt outfits. Not that I have anywhere to where them, but if I did, I could!!! I have no idea what my weight was 12 years ago, but I know I've gone down at least a size in clothing. The last time I tried those jeans on, I couldn't even get them zipped.

We're going on a road trip to visit my son and his family in TN at the end of May. All of us are driving there. Then Youngest Daughter and granddaughters are going on to Florida to spend time with her BFF. Youngest Son and I will stay and visit in TN. We were going to take the bus home, but I found a great deal on plane tickets yesterday. Our trip home will only be hours instead of days and not cost us that much more. We set aside $200 for our trip home and our tickets cost $237. So we get to stay two more days and not sleep on the bus.


  1. Hi,

    Just a correction note:

    Panda Cotton isn't 12 more yards than Bamboozle - it is double the yardage at 182 yds compared to 90 for Bamboozle.

    Also, I'm curious how you came up with $20-26 a pair for Bamboozle socks?
    We have sock patterns with Bamboozle which use 2 balls which would be about $14 retail.

    'cuse me for sticking my nose in - LOL.

    Susan at Crystal Palace Yarns

  2. Thanks for all the info on the yarn as I've been shopping for cotton sock yarn.

    You are burning up those needles knitting so fast on those pants. Great job!

    Plane tickets are very reasonable right now. Southwest is suppose to announce great deals on April 14th.

  3. The pants are great - and so is your weight loss! You are fabulous. Enjoy all that shopping in your closet. ;-)

    And have a great visit in TN.

  4. Hey! My daughter & family are driving to Tenn for Spring Break. They'll be visiting the great Smokey Mountains Nat Park.


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