Wednesday, February 4, 2009

T Shirt's Slow Advance

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Again, not too much knitting done. I've got about six inches done on the front.The hair cut, well, let's say I really wish I hadn't gone. The instructor said, to get it all even, about two inches would come off. Closer to four. I was not prepared for my hair being this short. Now, by all accounts, it's still long. And it'll grow back. Platitudes aside, I'm whining. It'll take the better part of a year to get all that hair back...

On the upside, I've exercised for an hour a day for two days. Of course, my kids came and promptly bested all my top scores. And some of the stuff I just can't do. But, there are things I can do, they work up a sweat and I'm sore the next day, so I'd have to say I'm accomplishing something! It may be suicide, but at least I'm accomplishing!

Two things that are "suffering" by me having to make time for the Wii Fit is my knitting and my blogging.... It's a good thing. I think.....


  1. Hmmm...did you have a deadline on this project? Sure is pretty!

    Kudos to you for exercising. I should and maybe

  2. We got the kids a Wii for Christmas. They want Wii Fit. Is it worthwhile?


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