Sunday, December 28, 2008

Warm Feet

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This is one of the gifts Santa left for us. We all like playing with Mr. Potato Head.These are the stitch markers Youngest Daughter made for me. The puzzle piece is the logo for Autism Awareness.I finished up the leg warmers for myself. They are nice and warm, snug and work perfectly. I had nice warm ankles all day yesterday despite the fact it was close to freezing for most of the day!And I liked how nice and thick the legwarmers were, I decided to make some similar socks. These are only two strands of sock yarn. If they are big enough, they'll be for Youngest Son (after they are dyed black). If not....maybe Youngest Daughter or DIL. They will still be overdyed if given away, as both YD and DIL are far too conservative for bright unmatched socks. Still using up left over sock yarn.

I finished up my two books yesterday! Still don't think I'll make my goal of 100 by 2009, but....the mid 90s is an admirable try! I remember in July thinking this would be an easy task. then life got in the way.... Ain't that how it happens, though?

I just discovered Patricia Cornwall has released another Kay Scarpetta novel, Scarpetta. I started reading this series several years ago, and loved the first eleven of them. Then it seemed the author began to hate the main characters and did everything she possibly could to turn them into people that hated each other and themselves. I've been very disappointed in the last five or six of them and wonder if should even bother with the new one. Hope, however, springs eternal and I keep reading to see if the characters I knew so well would snap out of it and begin to work together.
Keeping the "We" in "Yes, We Can!"

I get tired of never being able to have a meal's just to expensive. Or maybe not? Then again, trying some new recipes may be all that's needed to make you think you're dining out.
It's time to start making slippers and socks for those living on the Cheyenne River Reservation. Here's some neat patterns for Heet the Feet.
Need a themed night light for your favorite kid?


  1. I love the idea of leg warmers, I think I'm going to make some out of all the bits and pieces of sock yarn I have left over. As long as they don't have to match, I'll be fine.

  2. Ah, you got Mr. Potato Head. We've had this conversation about him. I'll have to fullfill that wish someday of getting one for myself. There...we've told our moms!!!


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