Saturday, December 27, 2008


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I spent a good part of the day seeing if it's feasible I'll finish the last ten books in my 2008 challenge. I could go to the library and get ten young adult books and finish those...and might! No, I don't consider that cheating...have you checked out young adult books? There is some fantastic fiction there now that J.K. Rowling has upped the bar on good literature aimed at the younger set.

I listened to my newest Jack Reacher novel, The Enemy by Lee Child. Somehow I got this one out of sequence. It's #8 and #7 was next on my list. But it's okay, it's a prequel, so it fits in anywhere. I am about half way through this 14 hour book. This is a really good series. Tall, soft spoken vigilante hero....

Then I spent most of the evening reading Dawn on a Distant Shore, which is the second in the series (1-Into the Wilderness, 2-Dawn on a Distant Shore, 3-Lake in the Clouds, 4-Fire Along the Sky, 5-Queen of Swords) by Sara Donati. She is almost as good a storyteller as Diana Gabaldon. I read the first in the series last spring while I spent the night in the Dallas/Ft.Worth airport in the midst of a blizzard. It was a nice thick book that kept my interest and didn't end too soon.

The stories start as a sequel to Last of the Mohicans, by James Fennemore Cooper. (My mother made me read them as a kid.) Our proper lady Englishwoman falls for the son of the famous Hawkeye. Romance and adventure ensue. As I said, Donati is a good storyteller so there is good character development and lots of twists and turns. And our heroine is not just a proper Englishwoman, she is intelligent, independent, strong and is subsequently named "Bone-in-her-Back by her Native American family.

Anyway, I have about an hour left on this one. If I just read, I can get alot done. If I read and knit or listen and knit, not so much. A lot of reading regardless to get ten more books finished!

I did knit during my listening time. The second leg warmer is over half finished.

Opal counted down her 2008 finished socks so I thought I would, too! Thirty two pair is a pretty good total, I think! Granted there are kid socks in there, but, socks are socks.

If you need realllllly warm mittens, try a pair of thrummed ones! These would be great for kids that love snowball fights or are still falling down on ice skates!

Keeping the "We" in "Yes, We Can!"

Put off major shopping till February.
Reusing wrapping paper.
Don't forget to Treecycle!
Ways to cut back spending on household things. Turning off the cable is the last thing we'd do. It's the most utilized entertainment we have. We all read, craft, etc., too, but to someone on the spectrum, TV is the way to zone out...something so necessary for sane survival.

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  1. Even if you did not meet your book goal, you've read far more books this year than most, actually the majority, have.

    Have you seen Brian's thrummed mittens?


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