Monday, December 29, 2008


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I got as far as I can go without Youngest Son trying them on. Then the toes and Scrappy Sock 1 is finished!
Scrappy Sock 2 has been CO and some progress made. It really feels good knitting socks again.

My BFF, F and his hubby adopted a new family member. This is a picture of the breed, a snow bengal cat. F said she looks almost identical to the one in the picture. She's a PC cat, adopted from the Humane Society.

hmmmm! I noticed the apples in the fridge were getting shoved to the back to make room for leftovers. I cut, cored and chopped, set them to boil in water and cinnamon. Yum! Warm home made applesauce for breakfast! Not to mention the house smells like I've been slaving over the stove for hours!

Keeping the "We" in "Yes, We Can!"

Ideas on how to celebrate the New Year!
I found my favorite holiday sweater (not one of those, just a plain red one) had a hole in the center front. Time to unravel and make into something else.

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