Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Project

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I've put the shawlette on hold cuz I can't get it done by Christmas shipping time and I found a mistake that needs to be fixed in the garter stitch. I really hate fixing stitches in garter stitch...but I will and I will finish the project, just when there is less pressure.

This is a neckwarmer.... It was inspired by the Uno Cable Headband I added a few more sts to the sides to make it wider. It's a simple CB4 cable on a garter stitch background of 26 sts, two strands of sock yarn with US8 needles. I'm over half done with it so I'm feeling a whole lot less stressed than I was this time yesterday!

Are you interested in making a vest? Handmade Homeschool is sponsoring a Vestuary. It's a way to make a vest and get through the emotional boredom of February. Oh, and prizes, too!

Little things can make life so much nicer. I found a program online from Windows called Winter Fun Pack. It changes the wallpaper on my computer every 15 minutes. It's not a screensaver, it changes the background image-wallpaper-on my desktop. AND, I can put my own pictures in it. So now every 15 minutes a new photo of my family or knitting project appears. I also found a screensaver with the Coca Cola polar bears that allows me to add my own music to it. So now when my wonderful wallpaper turns to the screensaver I have nice soft background music from Cast in Bronze eminating from my speakers!

Keeping the "We" in "Yes, We Can!"

Crockpot salt dough ornaments. I thought I was a cheap skate, but I'm actually a Green Consumer!

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