Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ho hum....

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Knitted on the new Shawlette. I guess I've got about eight inches done or so. Don't know if my time goal is attainable....

Just for fun!

Keeping the "We" in "Yes, We Can!"

Some ideas for painless savings. Save money on toothpaste and future dental bills. What your dentist would rather you didn't know. I've been using soap for a long time now. As long as you don't brush the back of your tongue, the taste is minimal.

Here's a good place to discover bargains. However...it's still contributing to the "get more stuff" philosophy. We all need less stuff, and the stuff we have should be important to us. If you could only have 25 stuffs in your life, what would they be? What 25 stuffs add to your happiness? Do you "need" more stuffs than 25? How about less stuffs?

Some of this are good ideas. And some environmentally good ones, too

I don't comment on blogs much...not one for small talk thanks to my placement on the Autistic Spectrum. However, I really hate when someone turns off their comments. Like Crazy Aunt Purl...She bought some, what appears to be hand knit, arm warmers at Target for $10. Okay...you and I both know that $10 doesn't even begin to cover costs let alone time. So one has to wonder how much the little old lady or elementary school kid, or single mother of six in some third world country was paid to make these. Cuz if CAP can buy them for $10, and you know markup has to be at least 200%..... I'm just sayin'.... With that said, please slide over to Annie's blog and see what she says about this kind of, IMO and hers, too, politically incorrect spending.

Annie, the Knitting Heretic. Big Box Stores are not good for our economy.


  1. Lizzie, how much longer are you making it? (how many stitches?) I knitted mine in six days sticking to the pattern length but adding one repeat. That was knitting every evening and lunchtime and most of one weekend day.

  2. The Other Half and I can both remmber when Wal-mart was a decent place to work, where Sam believed that any hard-working kid that worked for him deserved an education, and he helped pay for it.

    Back then, wal-mart prided itself on selling nearly all "made in the USA" goods.

    But back then, Sam was alive. He's dead. The family lost the vision.

  3. What with outsourcing and such a store would be pretty much empty if it tried to sell made in USA stuff today. I get excited at finding something made in Japan,Taiwan, or India these days.

  4. Lizzie, as always you provide eye candy AND food for thought! Please check out my blog for today.


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