Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holiday Stuff

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YD brought home a Christmas Tree yesterday, and it's up with lights and ornaments. I remember as a kid this took hours and hours (mainly cuz mom loved tinsel and insisted each string be individually draped on the needles). Dad took a lot of time getting the lights just so, and the ornament spaces had to be approved before they were hung. Me, I just opened the box of ornaments and let the kids have at it. My memories are not of the fun of decorating the tree, but of how perfect it was when done. Maybe their memories will be of how much fun they had decorating the tree.

I finished up the neck warmer and it and the other gifts for my son and family have been mailed off. I forgot, however, to take pictures. It was very pretty, trust me!

I got another inch or so done-up to four inches of the eight needed-on the French Market Bag. It's nice "brain dead" knitting in the round, which allows me to listen to a book or watch a movie.

Ann has declared 2009 as the Year of Selfish Sundays. Sounds like a good idea to me. All knitting on Sundays must be for oneself. Regardless.....

In an attempt to get organized, check out this download from American Greetings. It downloads a calendar (and other things) to your desktop. You can go online to add birthdays, appointments, events, etc., and then just click on a date and it'll tell you what's going on that day. Maybe a knitter could use it to remind what and when to start a knitting gift for a birthday in enough time to get it done without all the craziness involved. I'm jus' sayin'

Donut Muffins....there has to be a law against them. Guess what I'm doing between endless rounds of st st???

If you are going to get a tattoo, make sure your tattoo artist is smarter than a fifth grader....If this kind of humor appeals to you, check out FAIL Blog.
Keeping the "We" in "Yes, We Can!"


  1. Lovts of great pearls (Purls)on this blog. Got some co recipe and ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Lizzy,
    Thanks for the comments about the bag, I'll try that bottom on my next bag. I've never seen a market bag made with plastic bags. I've heard about them. I'll try plastic if I can find a pattern.

  3. As always, you have some of the most interesting things on your blog. I look forward to reading it. Might have to try out those muffin donuts. :-)

  4. Glad you were able to get it done and out in the mail. Maybe the recipient can take a picture so you can share with us.


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