Sunday, November 2, 2008


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The Grey house socks are done. Not big enough for their intended victim recipient, and too big for anyone else in the family, at this time. They'll go into the gift drawer until needed or sent to the reservation.Looking still for a pattern to make a big kid slipper, I tried this one. It's really simple to make and good for those days when concentrating on a pattern is just too much trouble! It still wasn't big enough, so I added the panel in the back by picking up sts along what would have been the heel seam and adding a couple inches to the length. After I finish the second one, I'll decide if I want to add a ribbed cuff.OMG, can you believe this? How very sad for her.


  1. I like the red and black slippers!

  2. I like the contrast between the colors in the slipper.

    As for the Michigan woman, obviously she is not sad and does not give a damn. She missed a valuable lesson somewhere.


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