Monday, November 3, 2008

just a post....

I have no knitting content to post. I worked a bit on the second red and black slipper but it just wasn't a knitty day. Youngest granddaughter required extra cuddling as she's still not over that horrendous cough. (You know the one, where the kid sounds like they are turning themselves inside out each time they cough....)

I do think I'm finally on the down hill side of this sinus infection. Still some discomfort occasionally, but I've got from 8 Tylenol knock offs a day to maybe four.... But I'm sleeping like crazy. Nodding off all the time. Not like me since I got my thyroid meds evened out....

Violet Green has a pretty accurate sock calculator. Try it with your measurements and see if it's close to your "favorite" pattern!

This is how I thought life should be, people breaking out in spontaneous song and dance!

Is this really necessary?

Cats are fun!

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  1. Thanks for the link to the sock calculator.

    Hope you and granddaughter feel 100% better soon.


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