Tuesday, November 4, 2008

FO,CO, and Vote

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Finished up the slippers for Oldest Grandson. Pattern: Two Needle Slippers
Yarn: Red Heart SuperSaver
Needles: US4
Modifications: I added a panel in the back to extend the length of the slipper. Picked up sts along the back selvage and did two inches of garter st.

This is some yarn I got from Knitivity quite a while ago. It's called Mystery So Deep. It has a short life as a crochet WIP but that died last night when I cast on EZ's Pelerine. It's a very simple shawl that has three double increases from a 60+ sts CO. I started out with acrylic black ww to see if I could figure out the math and all that. Then decided it would make a nice stable neckline for the sport weight wool. It's going to be a long term project because it's already taking quite a bit of time to knit one row! Modifications so far: I have a ten stitch garter stitch border on each selvage and then st st in the center. Here is a finished one from Zimmermania, made by Penny.Oh I have some news.... I entered my ghost story in KnitWitch's contest and it won! The original post on the contest says I win 2 skeins of her hand dyed sock yarn! Can't wait to see them! Here's my story:

When I was in college in the early 70s my roomies and I had a startling experience.

I went to an all girls Catholic college and the all boys University was about five miles down the road. There were buses running back and forth as we could take classes at either campus.

My three friends and I stayed "late" one day, so had to hitch a ride back. We weren't too concerned as it was about a mile from the main university campus to the highway, so odds were really good one of the priests, monks, profs, or students would pick us up. As we were walking towards the highway, telling our version of the traditional ghost story of the haunting of the ruined chapel across the lake, a guy pulled over, picked us up, and gave us a ride. He was very personable, told us he was a divinity student that had been on the campus for several years now. And, he told us his version of the story which was far more frightening than ours was.

It was a good way to spend a twilight ride in middle America. Just enough scary stuff to make it fun. We laughed and told the standard ghost stories of summer camp evenings at the campfires.

The entry to our dorm, situated in the oldest area of the campus, included a small circular drive that's only exit was the entrance. IOW, it was a complete circular drive with no other exits. On this drive a small section was hidden from view by a wall built to protect the eyes from the view of the back of the kitchens with all it's dumpsters and such. Our new friend dropped us, admonished us about hitch hiking and drove onto the circular drive. We stood there waiting for him to drive by again so we could wave. We stood there, and stood there, and stood there. A couple of us walked over to see what was holding him up.

There was no "him." There was no car. In the dim autumn light, there was nothing to see expect the dimly lit back entry to the kitchen.

KmKat has some funny pics on her blog. If you have a cat, you'll identify! If you haven't seen Dr. Mel's video, go watch it. You'll laugh every time you remember it!

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  1. Congrats on the win! Yarn as a prize is always fantastic.

    I voted early. I'm amazed that only 70% of Vermont voters are expected at the polls. Actually I'm embarassed to say that!


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