Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I've been thinking for quite a while I wanted to make a toy. I don't like making toys as they never look, well, let's say they end up looking like something Tim Burton would have played with as a kid. (Think Nightmare Before Christmas.) But, I started one yesterday. Here is Bear's Body and one arm. Although the pattern book is all garter stitch and are all made from squares, I decided to do them in the round. So, we'll see. I'm already concerned about sewing the parts together....

I'm really giving in to my desire to knit what I want. Coupled with it is the permission to quit knitting what I don't want. So I may start and frog a lot of stuff in the near future, until I find what it is I want to knit.


  1. I'm with you on knitting what makes one happy! I frogged that alligator scarf yesterday. I don't like the color, the feel of the yarn, etc.

    Life is too short to meet other people's expectations. Knit what you want and what feels good!

  2. He is looking cute so far! I think doing it in the round was a good choice!


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