Monday, October 27, 2008

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Thanks to Sean for sharing this gorgeous photo!

The Dobby Legwarmers are finished! Had Youngest Granddaughter try them on when I finished them in the morning, yesterday, and to the best of my knowledge she is still wearing them! She liked 'em!
Baby Socks were begun shortly there after! I'm calling them Mixed Berry Waffles.Pattern: Blueberry Waffle Socks
Needles: US 3
Left over Sock Yarn of unknown origin
Modifications: CO 40, 1.5 inch cuff
Joansie's made lots of socks from this pattern and has raved about it. I have to admit, she's right, it's a nice simple pattern that really looks nice.

Second Son and Third Grandson came by again yesterday. It's getting to be a regular Sunday visit. SS has to do his laundry somewhere, right? :) That's okay, cuz he cooked dinner last night.

Remember all those Mittnz and Hatz and Feetz I've made over the last year or so? Well maybe one of these charming youngsters will make use of them this winter. These are some of the kids from the Cheyenne River Reservation at Eagle Butte, SD.
Just found this blog. I can't vouch for content, as it's brand new to me, but I love the concept it's promoting!

Here's the new Harry Potter trailer! Fantastic!

I've been battling a sore jaw for several days, thinking I had some kind of tooth or ear infection. OTC pain killers really weren't helping at all anymore and I was thinking I'd have to break down and visit the doctor. Then I did a bit a research and It's not a tooth thing, it's a sinus thing. A couple of "real" Sudafed, a couple of plain old aspirin, and a hot pack brought enormous relief--more than anything else has. Now it's just a matter of stay well hydrated and keeping the sinus draining to clear it up. Hopefully I can bypass the antibiotics.


  1. Sock is looking great. I love the colorway.

    The kids on the reservation look so sweet!

    Hope you feel 100% better soon.

  2. Good post. Pretty waffle socks (I love socks and yarn named after food).

    Don't forget the nasal saline (if you don't object to spraying stuff in your nostrils). It's my 'go-to' remedy for sinus and colds.

  3. So sorry you got the sinus thing (not from me!) "They" now say sinus infections are caused by viruses not bacteria, so your doctor may not give you any antibiotics. I just bought a neti pot to cleanse my sinuses but I haven't tried it yet. Hope you feel better soon!


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