Saturday, October 11, 2008

Knit with a nice yarn....

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Pattern: Neck Warmer
Modifications: I lengthened the number of sts in the central area to make it into a shawlette
I'm using four different yarns, alternating on each point. Each one is a relatively quick knit, but how man of them I'm going to have to do.... Over twenty. It feels really nice to knit with mohair....I think I've found out the source of my winter of knitting discontent. I really want to knit things I want to knit and not things I'm "supposed" to knit for gifts. IOW, I haven't got Christmas Spirit. Which I generally have by now. Wonder if it's the 80-90 degree weather that's delaying my Ho Ho Ho spirit?
3rd Degree (Women's Murder Club) 3rd Degree by James Patterson

rating: 5 of 5 stars
This was a good book. I'm glad that the last one was either a fluke of bad writing or the narrator just didn't know how to read.

Lindsey is on the trail of another killer....this one has been holding on to his anger for years and has decided that killing lots of people to get to his one victim is an okay thing. And then it gets really personal to Lindsey and the rest of the Women's Murder Club.

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  1. Thanks for the Patterson review. Our Overdrive selection tends to start in mid-series, so I think I have books 5 and 6 available. I've read the first two already.

  2. Wish I could blame it on the weather but I have not knit anything yet for Christmas presents. I've only been knitting what I feel like knitting! Feels great!


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