Sunday, October 12, 2008

One more panel

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I actually did two panels as one (second from the bottom) had to be frogged and redone. Again, it felt good working with this nice yarn. I also worked a bit on the work socks I need to get done this week for Third Son. I'm going to have to discipline myself to work only on them for the next few days and get them done.

I had one TV show to watch downstairs, so worked a bit on the long forgotten Deathly Hallows sock, too. These were my vacation project that got very little attention while on vacation.
Vicki, at Simple Knits, is having a hat design contest. The pattern for the hat is here Freedom Hat. The challenge is to use it for a base line and create a new hat from it. There is also a challenge to knit one of the hats and donate it to charity. Seeing that Hatz at Native American Support is in full swing.... Unlike a lot of design contests you can enter this one as often as you like. However, the deadline is November 3rd..... So hurry up!

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  1. I can see why you are enjoying knitting the panels. Beautiful!!!


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