Monday, October 13, 2008

Bitchin' and Whinin'

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BBF, F came by yesterday and moved the broken stove out of the kitchen. Now we can call the office and get a replacement. I still have no idea what to do about the stove.... I'm sure it can be repaired if someone had the money to do it. Anyway here is the empty space and all the stuff that was stored in the nice little drawer under the stove. Gotta love electric stoves for that reason alone!I got another panel done on the Shawlette and managed to get a couple more inches done on the work sock. If things go well today, I may even get to the heel on the sock. I don't have a lot of time left and really need to stop procrastinating on these socks!
Remember this sweater I made for third grandson's birthday (which was yesterday)? His party was on Saturday and I was uninvited to go. His mother doesn't like me, so I've not been to one of his parties since he turned one. Anyway, Second Son and Third Grandson came by to do laundry yesterday. I asked my son if the sweater fit and he said, "I never tried it on him." :::sigh::: I think this is why I'm slowly deciding not to bother making gifts anymore. Not only had he not tried it on my grandson, he never even said, "Thank You." I made a shrug for Youngest Daughter last year and found it lying in the corner of the living room between a chair and couch. I put it "away" in my room and she's never asked about it again. She requested this item... I've made Eldest Daughter socks and a fulled purse and never received an acknowledgment. Now my Third Son and his wife are very generous with their Thank You phone calls for anything I make for them or fourth grandson. Youngest Son wears his socks till I'm darning the darns. :::heavy sigh::: Am I whining? Sorry....

While Son and Grandson were here, I pulled out the Mr. Potato Head stuff I bought at Disneyland. It appears that PH stuff is like a big box of crayons. People just can't keep their hands off them!

This happened last night at Susan's in Saskatchewan. I wish I were there. I must admit, it's been cool to cold here at night--39 degrees here now at 6:43 am. However the forecast by Friday is in the 90s again. I took my AC unit out the other day cuz the evaporative cooler keeps the house cooler at night than my AC does. And it's been nice and cold (60s) in my bedroom. I just hope this cold spell has cooled the earth enough to keep the night time temps down till next spring.


  1. Lizzie, I think the ungratefullness happens with all of us knitters. That's why sometimes I'd rather give to another knitter because they know the amount of time (and love) that goes into it.

    Be good to yourself! I'm not sure I've ever seen you knitting for yourself.

    The stove situation will get better. You need something that works ...pronto!

    Hope your day gets a lot better.

  2. Lizzie,

    I don't blame you one bit for feeling the way you do! Believe me, I understand veyr well. It's hard to resist the impulse to make things for our loved ones, but I have finally learned my lesson. I urge you not to knit for anyone who doesn't say thank you and actually use/wear the item. Why not make more things for yourself, instead?!

  3. You just outlined why so many of us knit for charity. Even if they don't like/appreciate it we'll never know and can visualize cute kids wearing our fiber efforts. Much better than bratty relatives.


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