Thursday, October 23, 2008


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I finished up the other Flip Flop sock. One more holiday gift done!

I also finished up a hat that's been sadly neglected. It'll go to the reservation as soon as I can put a box together to send. No pattern in particular, CO 80 sts and knit.

Isn't this a good idea? Check out Dinamic Knitting for more information! I think they'd be especially nice for projects on circular needles. Hmmm, I wonder if there is a way to connect them? I like the standard cone shaped point protectors, but keep loosing them....
Aren't these cute? Lavender sheep soap from Lavendersheep!

My quote of the day: "I've just grown tired of this rhetoric that anyone that disagrees with you is un-American or anti-American," Greg Pavlik said.

And Knittin' Mom has a good statement, too: "As we come upon election day, please vote. And please consider voting on the issues rather than the soundbites, or the color of a particular candidate's skin, or the stylishness of their shoes. If you're still undecided, go to each candidate's website and read over their platform. Don't make assumptions. Don't fall for the lines fed to you by the opposing campaign's ads or the special interest groups. Think critically, and vote for the candidate who you think can bring this country through the next 4-8 years. It's not going to be an easy job, and we need someone who can git 'er done. Someone who makes good decisions when under the gun. Someone who plays well with others. Make your voice heard! VOTE!!!"


  1. Cute hat! You are so fast!!! Love the soap too!

  2. Love the hat! What size person/child do you think it will fit with those # of stitches?

    Great idea on the stitch thingy. I have one of those and will have to try it.

    Amen to the political statement. I have two friends on opposing camps who won't have lunch together anymore because of it. The thing is one is not an American citizen (and doesn't want to be), has been here 30 years and has strong political views. She wants to retain her citizenship to Denmark because of the $$$ benefits. Go figure, huh!!!


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